2019 Fall Group Class

Alexander Technique 
4-week Group Class  

Thursdays 6:30-7:45pm
October 3 – 24, 2019
Advanced registration required – space is limited    
To register / more info: rachelbernsen@gmail.com 
Location: Alexander Technique NHV Studio, Erector Square, 319 Peck St. New Haven 06513

The Alexander Technique is an educational process for enhancing health and well-being with proven therapeutic results. In learning Alexander, one gains a kinesthetic awareness of unnecessary muscular tension and learns the skills to let go. With a focus on releasing excess effort in the neck and back, the Technique enables you to better coordinate the entire body in motion. Better anatomical understanding of body and breath, along with the Technique’s guiding principles can help you access genuine support and truly enliven your movement.

This 4-week class offers an introduction and in-depth exploration of Alexander Technique through discussion, self-exploration and the teacher’s hands-on guidance. We’ll apply AT principles to a range of daily activities such as sitting, standing, walking and bending. We’ll explore the natural coordination of breath and spend some time investigating more complex movements as it relates to participant’s interests. The small class size allows for more hands-on attention to each student. 

This class series is open to new and continuing students of the Alexander Technique. 

For more info: rachelbernsen@gmail.com
or 917.531.4484 

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