6-Week AT Group Class Starts 3/18

Join me over 6-Saturday mornings at the beautiful Sarah Aldrich Pilates in downtown New Haven. Questions about the class? Be in touch via email or by phone at 917.531.4484. To register visit: Sarah Aldrich Pilates/Alexander Technique DO LESS, BE MORE A

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Improving Our Capacity for Rational Thinking – A Letter To NYTimes Editor.

In September I wrote a letter to the editor in response to this op-ed article in the NYTimes Sunday Review because I was disappointed that the researchers cited were solely appealing to the study participants intellect as a means to

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Fall Alexander Workshops and Classes

Starting in September I’m offering  two different group classes in the Alexander Technique: A weekly class on Wednesday mornings and two introductory workshops on select Saturdays. All classes will take place at my studio in New Haven and are open

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How Habit Interferes With Mastery – Video

  This video takes a very clear look at how habits, developed over a lifetime of training can interfere with mastery. Alexander Technique is perfectly positioned to help individuals identify their habits and learn to move without them. The discussion

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Alexander Technique As A Tool For Patients With MS

In February 2016, Senior Alexander teacher Judy Stern convened a panel discussion entitled Living with MS and How Alexander Technique Can Help: A Students Perspective. The discussion centered around a student named Ron, who shared the numerous ways the Alexander

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AT Shown To Ease Chronic Neck Pain

This finding represents new clinical research on the benefits of Alexander Technique. The research study, recently published in the Annals of Internal Medicine shows that taking lessons in the Alexander Technique is a better, more effective option for relieving neck pain than

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Alexander For Treatment Of The Cervical Herniated Disc – video

Dr. Seth Neubardt, an orthopedic cervical spine surgeon, recommends the Alexander Technique as a highly effective non-surgical option for treating a cervical herniated disc. In this video, he interviews highly renowned Alexander Technique teacher, and my mentor, Judith Stern about the critical

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Stretching effectively with Alexander Technique – a podcast

Inspired by the “On Hamstrings” podcast I did with Brooke Thomas, this podcast with Robert Rickover of Body Learning focuses more broadly on the activity of stretching. Here, I talk about how the way we move (or sit) all day

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On Short Hamstrings – a podcast

Recently a colleague of mine Brooke Thomas, a wonderful rolfing practitioner and creator of the Liberated Body Guide and podcast interviewed me for a podcast on short hamstrings. She gathered a multiplicity of voices to speak on the subject including mine, from

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On Postural Tone

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about postural or muscle tone. As a practitioner who uses her hands to guide people toward moving with greater ease, I started thinking more succinctly about how, through my hands, I assess the quality

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