Private Lessons

A private lesson is the traditional means for learning the Alexander Technique. You’ll receive full and individualized attention based on your specific concerns, be it recovering from injury, dealing with chronic pain, overcoming movement limitations, improving posture or performance skills.

In a lesson, using a combination of hands-on work and verbal instruction you are guided through a range of everyday activities such as walking, sitting, bending, reaching, breathing. Together with Rachel, explore alternatives and learn to replace inefficient habits with improved coordination by locating and releasing unnecessary muscular tension. Lessons also include lying-down work where, lying fully clothed on a table, you get to a deeper level of musculoskeletal release.

The first lesson with Rachel is 75 minutes to allow additional time for an intake and an introduction to the work. There is no additional charge for this first lesson.

After that, lessons are typically 45-50 minutes long.

Individual lessons are $90
(inquire about students rates)

Purchase lessons as a package and save:
3-lessons – $250
10-lessons – $775
Click here to purchase lesson packages online.

Office Hours:
Tuesday – Thursday
Morning, afternoon and evening appointments available.