Private Lessons:
Working one-to-one and using a combination of hands-on work and verbal instruction, I will guide the student through a range of everyday activities-walking, sitting, bending, reaching and breathing. Together we’ll explore alternatives. Students learn to replace inefficient habits with improved coordination by locating and releasing unnecessary muscular tension. Part of most lessons include lying down where the student, lying fully clothed on a table, is guided to a deeper level of musculoskeletal release.

Private lessons are 45-50 minutes in length.

Lessons are $85 per session.
I also offer 3-lesson and 10-lesson packages. See Purchase Lessons page for pricing info or to buy online.
Inquire about student rates.

The American Society for The Alexander Technique (AmSAT) recommends a course of 30 lessons to be able to apply the Technique reliably on your own. Some people study for less time and are satisfied, and some study longer, taking their exploration to deeper levels.

Group Classes and Workshops:
I offer Alexander Technique workshops and classes both for the general public and specialized groups. I have taught workshops tailored for many different populations including choral groups, yoga practitioners, naturopathy students, health professionals, elder groups, conservatory actors, professional and pre-professional dancers and musicians. I also offer general introductory classes and more open formatted drop-in classes.

Unless otherwise stated, classes and workshops are meant to accommodate both beginners and returning students. They offer an introduction for new students and allows those returning to go deeper in their understanding and integration of AT principles.

If you are interested in a group class or an ongoing course in the Technique for your organization or institution please contact me.